Taxation Management

Income Tax:

We offer following tax management services to companies working in Pakistan:
• Applying for and obtaining National Tax Number (NTN) Certificate.
• Preparation and filing of Annual Income Tax Returns, Wealth Tax Statements and Annexures.
• Preparation and filing of periodic Withholding Tax Statements (WHT).
• Appeal filing and Adjudication at various forums under Income Tax Ordinance, 2001.

Provincial Taxes:

• Applying for registration with the provincial tax authorities
• Managing taxation issues at provincial levels

Imports / Exports:

• Filling of Goods Declaration
• Processing of GDs and assistance in Customs Clearance
• Processing of Rebate Claims
• Providing of Liaison services with the Customs Department

Sales Tax:

• Applying for and obtaining General Sales Tax (GST) registration.
• Guidance and pursuance of claims for adjustment of input and output taxes and following up GST exemption(s) and GST audit.
• Processing of GST refund claims
• Representation on behalf of the clients before GST assessment authorities and appellate authorities on contentious GST issues and dispute resolution.
• Correspondence with the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) for removing fiscal anomalies and obtaining Ruling on GST related issues.
• Reviews of existing systems and monitoring to highlight possible areas of exposure to sales tax assessments and associated penalties.
• Appeal filing and Adjudication at various forums under Sales Tax Act 1990.